Candle Minimal 400g Isles Eoliennes


An exquisite luxury scented candle, using the finest raw materials, 100% vegetable wax and pure cotton wick. Square black glass candle and bakelite lid. The scent quickly takes your senses to to northern Italy’s Lake Trasimeno, Sicily, the countryside or the Italian coastline. When you first open our reed diffusers and breathe its scent, you will know that you have something very special.4

Burn time: 100 hours.
Width: 100 mm. Height: 100 mm.


Îles Éolienne

Rising out of the cobalt-bue seas off Sicily´s northeastern coast are the seven-island Aeolian archipielago. In that place we found the name and inspiration for our frangance, Îles Éolinnes, from our Minimal Collection, that evokes the fresh and marine notes coming from the Mediterranean Sea blending with woody and fruity notes of this volcanic and green island , covered by rosemary, holm oaks, omiellos, fig and almond trees.


Base note: carottes, clou de girofle, noix muscade, baies roses
Middle note: santal, jasmin, muguet, cyclamin
Top note: pachouli, mousse, vetiver, cyste labdanum
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